Saturday, March 13, 2010

Just Breathe

Its been one of those weeks....where things seem to topple over and the juggle of balls goes awry. 'Just breathe' seems to have been a mantra in my head...and has covered a myriad of situations - proffessionally (not that I can really call myself one as I just puddle about and not work much) and personally.

Thursday lunchtime was the sunlight at the end of my tunnel - and I had to giggle as Ny and I watched "ever after", and one of the best lines in the movie - was 'just breathe'.

I decided that after such a dumb week, my boys and I deserved a wee outing, so we went down to the beach with some treats and climbed rocks, explored wee crevices, said hello to wee scuttling hermit crabs and watched guys haul their boats down to the sea with their tractors, all set up to fish and explore - maybe thats their 'just breathe'.....

....I'm still saying 'just breathe' in my head, but not as much - and am soo blessed to have these kids who will come exploring with me anytime - and 'just breathe' with me.
Oh, and on a very bright note - its my sweet neices happy 5th birthday - sweet girl, we love you so much and think the world of you - much love sugarplum - your Aunty B. xxx


Francesca said...

Sorry about your week! Hope you can have more outings this weekend (or is it over by now there?)

Anonymous said...

I am always amazed at how well you cope with your hectic lifestyle, now I know your secret, breathing.... seems simple enough, I will have to remember that.
Althogh, sometimes when Im feeling a little kerfuffled, I just think of you and how you are probably way more kerfuffled then me, so thanks Mrs B, you are an inspiriation xx

Dee said...

lovely post Briar, hope this week is better for you xoxo