Saturday, March 27, 2010

hot air balloons

we made the wee trek to the Waikato ballon festival this weekend- and are so very glad we did so....was a bit touch and go for a while, (as the dreaded puking bug has been at our house this week) but once decided, we packed up an old fashioned picnic, complete with bacon and egg pie, chocolate marshmallow cake and other treats. - and a surprise phone call from my Aunty from Auckland, saying she would come too - sealed the deal- that was a wonderful treat!

The music and atmosphere was wonderful....and its always so awesome to remember how things seem through kids muich bigger a hot air balloon must seem - how magical it is to watch them inflate, getting bigger and bigger till they eclipse the very sky....

The balloons 'danced' to all the great movie theme music...I feel like a complete dork, but have to confess it did indeed bring a tear to my eye - its just so awesome to sit snuggled up with my family - all the stars out, a nearly full moon , and share in the spectacular....watching thru the eyes of my 4 year old was so exciting...he could barely keep himself inside his skin...his eyes were so very shiny and sparkled with excitement. The 9 year old managed to get her fathers jacket to snuggle in (poor cold dad), and spent the time in terrified -thrilledness during the amazing firework display....the 12 year old was heard giving exclaimations of 'whoa thats mint, did you see that Ma?'....and my little sleepy 2 year old spent his time snuggled into my jumper with me....big blue eyes staring in complete wonder and a little finger pointing occasionally at the stars and was a night we are all so glad for...


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