Tuesday, March 23, 2010

new stuff I've made.

March is crazy birthday month in our family....with my boys, sweet neice, sister, mother, nana, aunty and good friend all to make feel special...tis very wonderful! This year I have handmade all the ladies pressies and its been fun!....and as I was super organised - not stressful - hooray for me!

For my Nan (whom I adore)...and also for my sweet girlfriends, I made them some funky wee button magnets super simple and fun to make....find some magnets, hot glue, vintage button and hey presto! a wee gift perfect for the mail....(forgot to take pictures - darn!)

For my sweet neice I made a wee drawing folder to match the library bag I made her last year..., and a sweet braided headband, and some warm pjs for winter arriving soon. I just love this kid, and adore spending time with her - I feel she gets me, and I her, and I hope and pray it will always be so....

For my Mama, I made her a patchworked writing folder....all in red and white, and also gave her the first print of my zinc etching I have been working on for the last few weeks....(will show you soon). Mum, you are a rock in my world, and I will be forever grateful for your love and care.

For my lovely (and pregnant - whoop!) sister, I made her a storage holder, out of vintage fabric and crotchet lace, and vintage buttons...and some cool mismatched button magnets...TJ, you are an awesome chick and friend, and I am so blessed to call you sister. (forgot to take pictures - darn!)

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Anonymous said...

Busy busy lady, I'm feeling all inspired to go and sew, thanks xx