Sunday, March 14, 2010


My biggest boy is turning 4 this week - that, I have to say is a little NUTS! I know every parent says it - but truly, how did 4 come along so did such a sweet, darling wee (er, 10ld 4 oz wee - ahem) bubby get to be this amazing creature, just so darn quickly!

Jose, you are our world - and you know it! just as you should....we adore you - your passion, your charm, your energy and drive - your compassion, kindness and empathy. We love your muslce man act, Dad loves wrestling with you, your confidence to sing and dance for anyone, we love your leadership qualities, your wonderful sense of ridiculous ( that you share so well!).... you are an awesome son and brother - we couldn't be more proud of who you are and will become.

Jose, you love water...and regularly get changed into your togs through the day - ever hopeful of a water fight, cars, running, jumping, people and then some more people, snuggles as often as possible - and in Mums bed please,monkey !- kindy and also love coming to school with mum and doing your 'work'...and fishing with rock our world kiddo!

May the Lord's face shine upon you, and keep you safe all your days my beautiful boy. xx


Dee said...

happy birthday Jose... xoxox Ty Boy

Anonymous said...

I love that second photo, hes soo cute and little! xx

Francesca said...

Happy birthday Jose!

Heart Felt said...

Oh wow! Happy Birthday.....4 year olds are the best.....xx