Saturday, June 13, 2009

Quilts and bedsocks

I've been a busy wee beaver....this week lots has gone on, including a visit to my family (parents, sisters, brother, and newphews and neices - 9 kids in 1 house sleeping - eek!! I love getting up to see the sun rise and glide across the sky!)... we were really blessed to be able to hang out tho, with our across the ditch whanau and local ones too....

Sweet soft quilt knitted socks

on the crafting front, I got home and like a craszy person sewed (is that a word??) up this wee quilt for a buyer on FELT, all created in re-purposed flannelette, and sweet candystriped cotton on the back...I love it and so hope the lady buying it does too! And also I knitted up and sold these cool-as 15month has a few pairs and wears them to bed and also around the house (in the puddles etc grrrrr) thought I would see how they go on they too sold, STOKED I am!

Oh, and we have that disgusting stomach bug...I am truly amazined at the distance my 3 year old can puke! Must be some kind of gross record...enough said on that front, we are getting slightly hysterical about it all now, as what else can you do!

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