Saturday, July 31, 2010

the 10th birthday - day...

A smidgen of pre-birthday sewing and this wee craft bag emerged...Ny is a project girl, and likes to work with paper mainly at this stage soooo, I thought a wee 'pick-up-and-go' bag would she has wee pockets for everything and a large pouch in the middle for all the paper a girl can carry!...and of course every girl needs a party was totally a hold up to the kid and cut type of pattern...seemed to work, imperfectly tho...i love the wee lemon vintage buttons...and she looked darling on her big day with this dress, leggings and a sunshine yellow sweet cardi, and yellow shoes..

The enchanted castle cake in progress and the complete...twas fun to do and not hard just time consuming...and a wee tissue pom poms that were strung everywhere...along with bunting and balloons....

this is as early as it looks! and yes that is frost on the ground !- brrrr!!...nothing like a bike ride with ALL the family in dressing gowns and slippers outside at 6.30am!...did I mention brrrrrr!

we went to the big smoke and took the big girls and friend to the movies...and had to wear these fun 3D glasses...teehee, a good look, no?

then back to the grandies place where most of her cousins and aunties and uncles gathered for a lovely aftenoon tea, cake and silly-fun games....then out for was a SUPER-fun day, full-on, loud, lots of laughter, a few remenising moments, lots of food, and whanau....Miss 10 said "I never want this day to end..."
Happy Birthday sweet, loved, compassionate, sassy,stunning, funny, loving, loyal girl - we love you.


Francesca said...

Happy birthday to your Miss 10!

Anonymous said...

What a great day, Nyah looks soo good in Yellow, lucky her xx

Allana said...

What a lovely birthday! I love that bubble blowing pic - your daughter is very pretty :)
ps. So glad my package arrived safely, i'm always worried they wont make it! I've been waiting to post pics too but I think I will soon xx