Friday, July 16, 2010

a winter's picnic

We have enjoyed some lovely each time and Winter's picnic's this fun! And I reckon theres a recipe to it:

1. Keep things SIMPLE!

2. A cool as, long time used wicker basket that you find a pretty shells and some flowers to decorate it with.....and cool retro floral sheet/blanket to lay it all on.

3. Peanut butter sandwiches - cut with my new teapot cookie cutter!

4. Sweet jars filled with pantry treats....jars make thing pretty!

5. Sweet little hands to eat everything up...

6. One slightly mad dog to chase the seagulls away

Works wonders for the soul....I so love our beach! And am so glad that although my eldest rolls her eyes, she indulges this nutty Mama and eats the teapot sandwiches still ;-)


CHD said...

Love it. Feeling like we need to do a beach trip very soon. Cx

Dawn said...

Picnics are so nice but picnics on the beach are the best and I love that "Keep things Simple!"

Thank you for stopping by my blog,hope you come again!

~Dawn :)

Allana said...

what a gorgeous outing! Lovely pictures :)

Stella said...

Looks lovely!!! And thank you so much for the coasters, I absolutely love them!!!! And if they get dirty, I can just turn them over 'cause I love both sides!! x