Friday, July 16, 2010

Melbourne in parts - part 3, a post dedicated to fishes!and chocolate..warning picture heavy!!

....we went and checked out the Aquarium in the city centre...very cool and similar to Kelly Tarltons over here.... the babies loved it especially of a few of the favourites...and then off for gelatos - ahhhh, YUM.
On my last night we all went out for dinner at a cool restuarant and then wandered off to find the best choclate place in the world (um, thats my opinion based on 1 other chocolate place I've been - teehee)...anyho defiantly had a 'charli and the chocolate factory' moment and totally wanted to dive into the churning vat of milky chocolate...sigh....a great way to end a wee holiday...

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Anonymous said...

ewww.....was that a sea snake!