Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Vinegar! Weekly tip

I am trying hard (sometimes not though!) to use more products in the house that my Nan would've....things that are cheap, natural and best of all actually work! I am playing with vinegar...and before anyone wrinkles their noses at the smell they are imagining right now- I promise white vinegar dries odourless (phew imagine how bad that could be otherwise - would have to give out a nose peg at the door!- I digress...)

Anyho, white vinegar is popping up all over the house at the mo, and this weeks tip is using it to get ball point ink off your clothes/suede ottoman (thanks son!)

So basically, you get a cloth and dab straight from the bottle, vinegar onto the mark...and repeat till it disappears! Easy peast huh!

....And yes it does work on suede, even gigantic long pens 'slashes' come out!

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Anonymous said...

great blog sight!
i too have found white vinegar a real household treat!
i use it in the dishwasher as a rinse agent and the glasses literally sparkle! I also use it in my baby's cloth nappy wash as it works with the sun to make the cloth nappies really white and soft! its a great fabric softener too!
thanks for the tips! tanith xx