Monday, January 2, 2012

christmas in the tent

a wee bit different for us than usual, and although the kids vote its their favourite, I'm unsure yet, as I so love fussing and faffing about, with the food, decor, outfits, gulp, maybe thats why the tent rocked??!!
Anyho, we are back from a magnificent time up North, the beautiful Waipu cove...such a magical place, with bird estuary sanctuaries, caves, forests, dolphins in the sea, the beaches of course.  We drank yummy coffee everyday, slurped icecreams and wandered about soaking all the sun we got, and delighting in just being still, and with each other.  Our mega highlight was being able to go and spend the day in the Bay of Islands, watching the dolphins romp from our boat, and take in the spectacular scenery and history steeped islands.  Truly amazing. 

This year has been a roller coaster, challenging, rewarding, beautiful, devastating, filled with personal achievements and challenges for all our family individuals.  We are so thankful to those who have walked by our sides, sometimes leading, sometimes following....for His Grace who has eased us through it, and for a deep abiding love - that is family.  Bring on 2012 - we are gonna love the life outta ya!!


CHD said...

Lovely picture of your beautiful family. You are braver than me tenting. You should come and have a coffee when we are at the beach near you later in Jan. Cx

Renee said...

Your Christmas sounds like it was Magical!!! Tenting's fantastic so long as the weather stays good!!Not much fun in the rain!