Sunday, April 3, 2011

road trip

Mr Man had a very exciting challenge this weekend....he has been in training for a 100km road bike race.....(totally crazy I KNOW!)....and we got to tag along as his roadies for the, of course HAD to involve picnics! and dinner out! and train rides! and little bush walks thru the mighty redwoods! and a mooch along the stunning Huka falls! And of COURSE lots of coffee out....what a wonderful job description it is, being a roadie/support crew!

We drove along in wonder at these brave and driven people (2000 of them!), in the cold and drizzle they set off, and 3 hours and 27 minutes of silently willing and cheering along, (an in Micah's case a wee rest on the picnic blanket at my feet-that kid can doze/sleep ANYWHERE!!),and we saw him cycling up the hill....the kids started weaving amongst people and running towards him.....faces wreathed in proud grins, arms thrown around his neck and shoes/helmet carried for him, we welcomed him back - full of pride on his behalf at what I think - is an awesome achievement!

Well done my love, we are proud of you and wanna be your roadies anytime you need some!!

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