Thursday, April 21, 2011

autumn harvest

Look at all these pumpkins!! (we had also picked soome earlier and have eaten them already!)....Josaye and I trudged over ot the farm inthe rain and one morning htis week and finished harvesting the last of the to harden them off and store them in the wre hammock Mr Man is about to make for them....just stoked with this haul, and be so cool to share some too...Yay for summer planting!

And also we continue to gratefully gather apples from the date I think I have bottled around 10-12 bottles, made applesauce, stewed apples, apple muffins (countless), apple cakes, apple cider (yup its yum!), apple crumble, and apple pies....(must share the BEST apple pie filling reciepe EVER on here), and of course eaten a fair few baskets of them too.....and several families have been regularly calling in to fill bags and buckets to take home - thankyou apple trees for your bounty.

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