Thursday, April 21, 2011

officially the last time...

well here's a tear jerker (for leaky me anyways!) 3rd baby is offically graduated from kindy....and with proudness we all (his family) gathered to help him say goodbye to his time at Kindy, and thank all the wonderful teachers for their kindness and paitence and fun....we took in cake, and handmade capes and crowns and masks to gift the kindy.... Jose was so wonderful, and so sweet....the teachers had helped him make a crown and card and playdoh cake....we sang and wished him well....such a special boy this lad of mine.....a bittersweet goodbye thats for sure....he is so excited to be joining his sister at school next term, and even though I so wanted to keep him home until he was at least 6, it is right for him....sniff sniff.....fortunately I relief teach at his school - like 2 days a week! so will see lots of him for sure.... ;-)

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