Thursday, April 21, 2011


Easter Sunday is pretty special huh!.....I have always woken with a sense of anticipation on Easter Sunday....and often trek the journey that the 2 Mary's would've made before dawn to the tomb, in my mind, the wet dew, the heavy hearts they might've had; as they made their way to Jesus's burial incredible it would've been to see first hand ancient prophesy's fufilled and the dramatic news the angel shared with them....'He had arisen as He said he would'!....amazing.

We so love celebrating the life we have been given around here, and of course awesome news such as this MUST be celebrated in style! So a family feast in the secret garden seemed to be a wonderful way of remembering what Jesus had done.... So after church, we set up a table and all our decorations we had been making, and had a wonderful teaparty, followed by a treasure hunt....I so hope you have been able to take some time and reflect on what Easter means to you and yours....YOU are loved enough to die for.

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