Monday, May 17, 2010

mother's day catchup

I'm playing catchup but these pics were too sweet not to post, I so love homemade cards and pressies...and The Man outdid himself...he actually flipped thru one of my craft magazines and found something he could make - And then MADE it! I am SOSOSOSO impressed and thrilled....lots of effort as he had to wait for me to go to bed and then spent until 1am getting the tension just right beofre getting up to make bacon and pancakes for breakfast witht he kids - I wrote in to the Magazine to tell them about his amazingness....and fingers crossed maybe my letter might be published and he might win a treat or tw0....Thankyou Set, for supporting our kids in their quest to do special things for Mothers means the world....and to my four beautiful babies, there is no Mama on earth who is more thanful or proud to call you you to the stars and back.



Dee said...

awww so sweet! (go set!! whoop whoop!!)

hanna said...

one spoilt mamma!!

Francesca said...

I love the notes and drawing and handmade gifts!