Thursday, May 20, 2010

just for me

I love esty and I love our kiwi version - FELT....its amazing and some beautiful have been crafted on their...I was having a wee looky a few weeks ago and fell in love with this art nouveau inspried vintage brooch .... I literally obsessed day and night over it in my head for 2 weeks , and then went...'what the heck, just buy the thing!' I did! and its just for me!!! So excited. x
(If you love this kinda thing, check out this chicks website - it rocks!)


Dee said...

yayayay...good for you Briar xoxo

Heart Felt said...

It's beautiful. x

Francesca said...

I totally relate to obsessing day and night over a "just for me" purchase! Sometimes a present to ourselves is a very good thing!

Stella said...

Hey, yes all good to join in! Just email me your address: