Monday, December 21, 2009

sneak peak

I sent my pay - it -forward parcels off last week, but thought would share what I made....

using all re-purposed fabrics, I made some wee aprons, 2 with contrasting trims, and one featuring my very loved vintage doily and crochet lace........when perusing the local opshop, my girlfriend found for me a wonderful bok on Strauss and some of his life story....lots was in the wonderful Victoria scripts, old photos, handdrawn scenes of balls and engagements...I was inspired to chaop it up (is that a sin?? book was a bit tatty - tis my excuse)...and made envelopes and stationary with the pictures and paper doilies.....and also made some sweet hanging lavender satchets, with lavender gathered last summer and dried for such thing.

All in all it was a lovley project to be part of. I hope the lovley ladies recieving the parcels like them, and more importantly can use them. xx


Francesca said...

You've been busy:)!

Dee said...

oh dear sweet head has been in heaven for the last week. Sorry I haven't thanked you for the GORGEOUS gift. I LOVE it. and the stationary?? genius! I never have stationary. So cool. Thanks xoxox