Monday, December 21, 2009

The show's are done!

Micahs Music party Josaye dressed up for friends farewell party

Well, with 4 kids you have a few shows/events/parties to attend at the end of the year!...Josaye had her prizgivng and was place 3rd in her class for music and got a certficate in music for outstanding was pretty pleased with herself! Nyah got her class award for outstanding student, with improvement in all academic areas and she was pretty pleased with herself! And we were pretty pleased FOR them...
Nyah and Micah in the Christmas play : Nyah as a zombie: Nyah in Jazz ballet show
as mentioned in another post we have also had show' are a couple pics of the kids dressed up...and although it looks like a Nyah show, the others were there...Micah was a wonderful sweet shepherd and Jose (to my HUGE surprise) was a bit of a plonker...spending his time on stage moaning how he didn't like being a shepherd and crying into his fathers chest (he is the SHOWBOAT of the family so was very surprised!)...and wouldn't pose for a photo, so hence no pics of that lad! between maons/crying he did look very cute indeed - more shows please for the year!...although both big girls are reading at the Christmas Eve service at the beach...that'll be cool.


Francesca said...

Poor guy! Stage panic? I'm pretty pleased for your girls awards too:)! Your kids have very interesting and unusual names, where do they come from?

BellaBree said...

thanks Francesca! I love interesting names...all my family have called their children beautiful names.... Josaye is a variation of my spanish grandmothers (jose`), Nyah is both found in the celtic language and swahili! Joseph (he calls himself Jose) and Micah are hebrew names - so there you go ;-) I have so many more I love - sigh, and think I might be destined to have many golfish or dogs!x

Margo said...

Hey there - always enjoy reading your posts :)
Hey do you have any mm photos you can email me? I like the one of Micah.