Friday, December 4, 2009

costume crazy

its that time of year ay know- the time when its super fun, super crazy, super much-work (new word for you!), super food, super people....and this is all super - but leaves me super tired! -in a none- grumbly kinda way!

With all the goings on I have put my hand up and yelled pick me, to make some of the costumes for the kids various thingys they are involved in, Some have just need tacking up something found, some have need ripping and cutting (of somehting found)....and some need making from scratch....sigh,, I can feel the super enthusiam I had for these tasks dwindling somewhat!....

Nyah, our drama princess, is a chinese narrator, a zombie, a dancer in her jazzz show, and an inn keeper in the Christmas story, we have cut, tacked, scrubbed, make-uped, repainted jazz shoes, plaited, wound and brushed hair till it shone....and we are almot halfway there now!

Our big girl is packing up to go to my parents for 5 sleeps (can't get my head around that yet, as its the LONGEST time ever apart!) has shrugged off the Christmas story part she was to play - and is I think secretly relieved whilst saying shes sad to miss it- uhuh~

Our sweet boys will be sweet shepherds in the Christamas story play, so they ae next on the list of cutting, sewing, measuring scolding to keep still, and having the odd -oh how cute are you- moments....ahhhh, am looking forward to sewing something other than costumes soon I hope!

I am blessed, not grumbly I promise!


Francesca said...

That is a lot of work! We don't have a tradition of Christmas plays ... I'd like to add "mercifully", but I remember the one play my elder boy was in when he was 5, and the little vest, pants and bow I made for him, and how happy and proud I was ... he doesn't remember any of the details, except that he lost his first tooth that evening, but it was a magic evening!
I'm sure your big girl will have a happy time away, and then will be glad to be back home again.
Happy sewing!

Dee said...

oh Briar I feel exhausted reading that. I've officially put away craft/sewing/Christmas's just birthing energy around here now :)
Hope everything goes well. Show us pics!!

Heart Felt said...

Sounds like fun to me ~ Sadie has just started taking interest in dressing up ~ I might try and make her a costume for Xmas. Good luck hope it all goes well. xx

Anonymous said...

You know I am just down the road if you need any help with some sewing xx
(that reminds me I must get onto Talebs zombie costume.)