Tuesday, September 14, 2010

wardrobe wednesday

eek! here we are again...well, today we are off to the minature trains for playcentre, so am anticipating mud, duckpoop, wiped snot and food on me - nice!
cardi- Max, and a sister's castoffs xx
top - about 4 years old, but still like the colour and the fantail print
black 3/4 pants - farmers - wildchild strikes again!
casual shoes - the warehouse and I love 'em!
hoop earrings - seriously $1 on sale - yay me!

Happy wednesday dolls....and don't forget to check out the others - heres a good place to start x


Rhiannon said...

Those shoes! I neeeed! Did you get them recently?

allie said...

nice one!

Kristin said...

awesome shoes!

frangipani said...

Very cool. You've scored some great bargains for this outfit. Fantails are my fave