Saturday, September 25, 2010

jungle fever

Schools out and we sent off the term in style!
I love family nights...which come in all shapes and styles round these parts...and to be honest, sometimes don't happen for a week or 2- but I'm super glad when I do make the effort - doesn't cost anything/much and memories are made - WHOOP!!
Jungle fever hit our place...and hey presto before you know it, we have the menu, the decor and the costumes .... jungle music and BAD jungle jokes....a bit off face paint and everyone gets a bit silly - tis fun eh?!....introducing....
the asian rastafarian bongo playing elephant, the girl kitty black panther, the terrifying t-rex, the wild 'pippy' dog, the waterfall man and the butterfly.... waterfall man took out the prize at the end of the night - I suspect bribery and self promotion had ALOT to do with that!....
...a movie with intermission (little boys put to bed), and a wee relax - ahhhh; totally LOVE school holidays!


Dee said...

you are killing me with suspense Briar!!! I'm dying to see the award-winning waterfall costume!! (it's got me totally stumped and I'm dead curious to see how Set made it! haha)
PS you guys are a rockin family xoxo

Sarah (Chez Lee) said...

This is so awesome! How cool to have family themed fun nights, simple, fabulous fun!