Saturday, September 11, 2010

FATHER's DAY-late eek!

i am week late posting these pics - for shame!...needless to say we had a wonderful Father's Day celebrating the Dad at our place, and all that he is and does!
Church, followed by a picnic morning tea (with blueberry apple muffin cake - yum!)...running races, swing challenges (I won the wheeeeeeeeee side of things, the Man won the make- the- swing- double- back- on- itself- scare -your -wife thing). Handstand competitions, and piggy back rides ....then home for a steak sandwich lunch, with all the trimmings....grunt grunt....a rugby game was viewed and the BBQ fired up for the first time of the season to come .... a good day in a man's book - no?
We love you - man of ours - you rock as a bloke, a hubby and a Dad.

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