Wednesday, August 26, 2009

History at our place

we are fortunate to live in a wee town with lots of history and structures that have been left behind by miners and those that lived their lives here. Some would've experienced such hardships and cold...some sacrificed their limbs to thier livelihoods...some intentially cut off figers for insurance to feed their families or stake another turn on their claim. We are only scratching the surface with our meanderings...but here are a few pics of our recent 'finds'.
Some of the photos are from the Cornish Pump House and some are from the Old Battery


Heart Felt said...

What a fascinating place, I bet the kids have some adventures there! x

Francesca said...

It's always interesting, sad and exciting to look at history and think of the people who made it. Hope we can leave good histories behind.

Sally Anne said...

I love to think of all the stories and hiastory in such a place...those old walls could tell a tale I am sure.

Francesca said...

I think there may be something wrong with your html: I've been automatically directed to a "mega site of bible studies" in the last few days. I thought I'd let you know in case it's not intentional.

BellaBree said...

oh dear...I'm not sure what's going on with that!! I'll have a wee noisy, thanks Francesca for letting me know