Wednesday, August 26, 2009

sittin' round the oven

this is what I walked into the other night....all the boys at our house pulled up a chair to watch the mac'n'cheese toast on funny! We are all hanging out for summer and campfires- can't you tell!?!
with great anticipation they filled in the grilling time with safety talks and the merits of cheese sauce reciepes....very sweet boys these 3.

I especially love the way the wee-est boys feet can't touch the ground.


Heart Felt said...

Very cute.....xx

Francesca said...

Isn't a campfire where you make it:)?

gardenmama said...

aww absolutely adorable!
those little feet are the sweetest : )

Miss Smith said...

Macaroni cheese is a BIG favourite in our house too. I love that your boys are watching it like they'd watch the telly!