Saturday, September 5, 2009


To my Dad, whom is not too well - I love you and thank you for holding hands with me through my childhood, for mentoring me in adulthood...and for constantly praying for me and mine. I am thankful to you for many things, from showing me how to ride a bike, to your love for my children...bless you always. xx

To my children's Dad and my husband - you are an inspirtiaion to me, you encourage and challenge me- and are a rock to our family - I am thankful to walk thru life by your side...knowing that we are each others safety net and best friend. I love your passion for our children and the genreous way you grow them, protect them and encourage them to take safe risks and strive to meet their full potential as individuals...Your an awesome fella and we love you tonnes!

Some fathers day pics...we went to the lake where the model boats were out and about, and then there were trees to conquer!

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Francesca said...

Happy (belated) father's day! I'm not sure when it's celebrated in Italy, but I don't think ours is in September!