Sunday, June 21, 2009

MY Seton's Nanny's Guava Jelly

A few weeks back, we popped into my Seton's Nanny's place to shift some dirt and do some odd jobs....while out the back I disovered Guavas for the first time! (well in NZ, coz they sure don't look anything like the ones we had in PNG as kids!), how cool are they!! Like wee pomegrantes, and while I don't buy or even like pomegrantes, the jewel like seeds are always perfect for decorating huh! I digress...anyho, sent No. 2 out to give the tree a jolly good shake, and it rained guavas galore on her....she dutifully picked them all up and after a wee discussion with my Seton's Nanny, she gave me this receipe, that had been her mothers.....I LOVE generational connections! is beautiful! And awesome on toast - with tea of course - and also slightly warmed to make drizzly for icecream or in a berry compote is you would like to be a wee bit flash....
...don't you just wanna dive in and coat yourself in this colour- its just glorious!

Heres our receipe in photo form...if you'd like it in written just leave a comment and I'll email it out to you ;-)

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