Sunday, March 3, 2013

sweet strong ...and 5!

ooo mushy babe, all of 4 weeks old, and nearly outta his basket

almost 5! and growing everyday

5 arrives! and we so celebrate with all the superheros from near and far!

Micah are so very precious to us all.  we love your curiosity, your pondering of how all things work together - your considered questions to the links of info still out of your grasp.  I love that you think before you speak, that you love to find out how things work, your compassion and slow to anger temper.  You are a lovely, lovely, lovely lad, who is super creative, making things everyday to improve some aspect of whatever thought-wave you are on.  I heart-adore the fact that despite being a busy lad, you fashion me the sweetest jewelry, thinking through the sizing and placement of jewels (this week shyly placing a tiny package in my hand during a work meeting; revealing 100 pieces of sticky-tape and wrapped; inside lay a beautiful 'diamond ring', that I have proudly worn all week).  You are loyal to your family, protective of me and my heart; your dad's buddy in all things fish/workshop/lawns/weights ...and more.  

We celebrated in style this week, inviting precious family and some of his little friends, dressing up as superheros and eating superhero style...a few games, as everyone seemed to love running and hiding and playing in the secret garden...and we all had so much fun remembering how to skip.  the very best part ...we get to hang EVERYDAY, ALL DAY; as you are now a big school boy - in MY class; so exciting! love you my treasure, to the stars and back!

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