Sunday, August 17, 2014

its been a while..

....18 months in fact.  Long enough for a new job, new house, new dog...but thankfully the same Mr Man and kidlets...just a larger version (of the kiddlets...ahem), in fact 2 of them a taller than me...I'm just as shocked as you, for sure!
Let's get into this space again...hmmm? All cosy like even.  If nothing else, and for no one else, the odd thought and memory will be forever stored in space; who knows even maybe my kids in a few years might look back a these ramblings, and know again, they are thought of, loved and my universe....I loved the list from Green Valley, so have adapted it a wee bit.

Making : drawing with ink again, very occassionally
Cooking : 3 meals at theory of cook 1x eat 3x is a sunday tradition now
Drinking : lots of freshly made vege juices
Reading: education mumbo jumbo
Wanting: more time
Looking: lilly's on my table...heavenly
Wishing: longer weekends
Enjoying:  the sunny spot on my cape cod chair on Sunday arvos
Liking:  long lunches to celebrate special freind's
Wondering:  when I'll fit my jeans waiting for me in the wardrobe...sigh
Loving: red polka dot napkins 
Hoping:  forever for world peace...hmmm
Marvelling:  that my 8 year old son gives awesome head scratches
Needing:  quiet...pft not likely this year
Smelling:  fresh baking
Wearing:  my fave red skinny's
Following:  all my old faves
Noticing:  i should moisturise my hands more often
Thinking:  I'll try the zebra stripes on my finger nails soon
Feeling:  like I have had a it

who know's, I might even get back here this pressure

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