Monday, October 1, 2012

right now~

:: its the very start of the school holidays- HOORAY!! We are all still in our pjs- HOORAY again.

:: yesterday ~ was brilliant sunshine - we sunbathed and relaxed on the deck; now its raining-boo.

:: listening to ~ Kimbra still, and Mudford & Sons - oh and Peppa Pig is on in the background.

::planning ~ on paper the summer vege garden looks amazing! In reality the ploughing of the paddock and     fertilizing is done, not much else

::caring for ~ our sweet lambs - one of who is very poorly; we are hopeful though; a pig, who is getting bigger daily, 14 lovely lady chickens, and a raft of wild pukeos - who parade themselves daily for us.

::dreaming of ~ long summer evenings, with a tinge of sunshine on our backs, and a happy tired feeling from working the vege garden - and report writing but a memory!

::reading ~ a selection of mild trash - yay me! Gardening journals, and lovely blogs.

::thinking ~ I should go get the kids dressed! and the day planned, and started - maybe not! It's holidays after all!

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