Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I've been on a journey - for the last 6 months in particular - I'm still on it, and discovering various paths on it at the moment. I've left 46kgs of myself somewhere! My body is breathing great big gulps of relief and finding different ways to go about life.....I'm hugely grateful to my Mr Man for being the biggest cheerleader and sergent major when required (I don't do subtle, and he knows that - hehe)...and to everyone who has trudged this path alongside me - its not over yet - but the biggest distance is behind me now.

I find myself being a bit reflective of late, as I do when birthdays loom.  Being 35 has been a bit of a rollercoaster - mostly a good one.  Like lots of women in the 30's, I've loved them - you find yourself less niggly about the small stuff, able to form an opinion and not be swayed by others conflicting ideas, but also ok enough in this to allow others theirs without trying sway them, or justify yours. Sometimes the juggling act of parenting multiple ages/kids and their raft of activities, having farm animals to care for, the house to care for, relationships with extended family/friends to maintain, church committments AND working almost fulltime, can be rather tiring - but its doable,  thousands of us women do it (women are incredible creatures hey!?)..other than the working bit (and I do love my job-don't get me wrong!); I can't think of what I'd change - just the location from time to time - hehe! Doing life in Italy for a bit would be fine with me- or Morroco, or France or....Ha! I dream.
Yup, with 36 around the corner, I have deeper laughter lines, saggier boobs, and more hugs given and gotten than when I was nearly 35; I am gonna  embrace it and squeeze every bit of goodness it might offer.

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Dee said...

i love you Briar!! and i love school holidays when you have a chance to blog.
i look up to you so much as the mother i would love to be.