Friday, April 20, 2012

easter 2012

my fav photo of the night...unstaged candlelit guitar song writing...under the stars - sigh

the egg hunt in our rather overgrown jungle garden

mr mans idea of dressing up was adding a tie - ahem

a special feast was prepared ... a real treat

We love Easter and the precious meaning it has to our family...I love family traditions and rhythms, and Easter definately has them at our place.  We always spend time together exploring the Easter story, and egg hunt at some pojtn and a dressup dinner where we read the Easter story once again ICT allowed...just stillness and reflection.  I love that our  girls are helping to lead our little boys in these rhythms....

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Anonymous said...

Briar my dear - you look absolutely stunning in that photo. The blue really suits you and you look rather beautiful! Cute kids too - and I do like Seton's tie!!! ;o)