Sunday, April 8, 2012

all `bout...well, me!

Dee the wee sweetie, tagged me in a brag book style questionaire...

::favourite colour::

ooooo, tricky. It has to be the colour of my second daughters eyes, they are teal with a grey pretty. Closely followed but deep reds, and duck egg blue and green..yup too tricky to answer with a single colour ;-)

::favourite animal::

hmmm, I so love our animals, and different parts of different animals...can't go past a jaguar at the mo tho.

::favourite non-alcoholic drink::

bundenberg peachee

::favourite number::

21...twas when I became a Mama...

::favourite pattern::

french tolie in a island style...have it poping up on cushions, bags and table runners at the mo – in red and white – too cute. But anything that Cath Kidston or Heather Bailey creates is super beautiful too.

::favourite flower::

pink scented tiger lilles win hands down.

::favourite day of the week::

Friday...when I stay home with my Micah and we clean and shop, and sing and giggle, and make yummy snack s for the other 3 to come home to.

::facebook or twitter::

facebook...although I'm a bit over it at the mo.


mothering, 'living in the moment', family and friends, exploring our beautiful country, growing as much food as we are able to, crafting, reading and lots of other bits n bobs

::giving or receiving presents::
hmmm, giving wins for me.

tagging some other lovelies.... Kirsty / Hanna / Renee / Cait / Widge


Dee said...

good for you!
hope you enjoy your holidays lovely lady. come on over if you feel like a drive any time.

ps i'm a bit over FB at the moment too...

PaisleyJade said...

Fun list!