Thursday, March 22, 2012

my boy -Jose

happy happy birthday baby.  A St Paddy's day birthday boy!  This year was extra fun, as we had out school Funrun to organise and go to...followed by pancakes and then off to the hugest, meanest mudslide ever!  What a brillant day to turn 6!
recieving a birthday pressi from the Funrun DJ, and the whole crowd sang for him...very touching

made it....down the hill in a last ditch sprint and into my arms...

hehehee...5 muddy bunnies - wanna hug?

slide action

one grinning happy birthday boy.
Jose, you are our ideas man...and we alternatly groan and smile when we hear "hey Mama I have a great idea!..." are seriously fabulous, and have a super fun sense of humor - you and I do ridiculous well!  I love your compassion and kindness, the way to hook your arm round my neck and how you have bravely chosen to give up your cuddly (cos 6, according to Mr J, is too big for cuddly's)...I love your zest for life. and contagious inspire me son. x

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