Friday, March 2, 2012

happy birthday Micah

from this sweet babe, with the softest beautiful curls too....

this sweet big 4 year fun!
happy happy 4th birthday sweet Micah Jack....we are so very blessed to have this pirate lovin`, gumboot wearing, 'its ok mama I can help oo' saying boy...I'm so very thrilled to have this lad as mine.  Micah you make me smile - everyday.  You make my heart scrunch up and fill with joy being with you....I love when you put you warm hand in mine and secretly squeeze it, and the way you wrap your arms around my neck and hold tight.  You are bright, funny have the cutest wee songs under your breath, I love that you are reserved and think about what you want to say, that you'd rather go visit the chickens and animals than sit and watch TV.  I love that you like helping, and that you think your brother is your best friend.  You make your sisters want to squeeze you - and seriously have the best belly laugh I have EVER heard, I love whenyou have a 'great idea mum' and your eyes twinkle.  Thank you Lord for the gift of our serious and funny boy....happy birthday my lad, you are loved beyond measure.
happy birthday boy...aha me `arties!

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CHD said...

Happy birthday to your sweet boy! Cx