Monday, July 25, 2011

time = sewing

As its the school holidays, I have a wee bit more time ...HOORAY!!...and although my kiddos are all in varying stages of the 100 day cough (a whooping cough strain)...they are awesome at building forts and such like inside to while away a day or in the upstairs playroom/sewing room, you will find us ALL, holed up in a quiet activity...fort making, reading, drawing and for me sewing!  At last after 4 MONTHS I have finched Micah's quilt coverlet...phew!! it was sweetly simple and of course easy to make...over half the fabric has a sentimental purpose (cut from a dear family  members cast offs)...and some were too delicious to leave in the shops, so of course HAD to come home with me...and viola`! One wee guy has a Mama made quilt only 4 more to go!

1 comment:

Dee said...

you are so clever! it's looks totally fab.

(and it's so lovely to have you blogging again X)