Saturday, July 23, 2011

ooooo looky, pretty mail!

A couple weeks ago the sweetest mail arrived, and to my shame, I haven't been able to blog about it ta`da!! Here it is....these arrived from the fabulous Fran, from Frangipani...isn't she the cleaverest?!!...Handbag slippers...I must confess, I was a bit perplexed how such sweet little knit handbags could fit my huge feet...but hey presto! they fit snug-as-glove...and I LOVE THEM, lots!!
Thanks so much Fran - you're knitting is gorgeous, and I hear shes' thinking about stocking them in her shop...check it out!

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frangipani said...

So glad you like them. They're really fun to make and a great gift (especially for people I have not met) as 'one size fits all'. Thanks for sharing on here:)