Tuesday, March 1, 2011

sweet boy

from this sweet

.....this wonderful boy.....

how in the world did this sweet baby boy turned 3 yesterday on the 1st day of Autumn.....such a wonderful adventure to be 3, and one I know this wee lad will live hugely and love.

How do you put into words your love for your children, your side splitting proudness of who they are, your admiration of their hearts ... truly the words are not enough.....this wee man of mine is the 4th baby to grace our world, and he has enriched our lives more than we knew possible.
Micah is strong, determined, hard-working (truly! with amazing stickability to the task), independant, hugely loyal, creative and loves his family....he can stand up for himself when its important to him, but is a bit of a cruiser....he has the most amazing imagination, and LIVES it thoroughly...he is currently a pirate and only takes his wee hat off to can most often find Micah Jack, on the back of the trailer, with his oars, fishing rod, 'petrol' can, and supplies...wearing his beloved gumboots and talking to Pippi the dog, or any low flying bumblebees....he's such a delightful boy.

We celebrated largely I can tell you - with around 18 toddlers and preschoolers and their Mamas, coming to play and pick fruit from the trees....and my Ma and Pa, sister and my sugar coated neices (they're so lovely).... with space cupcakes and a rocket cake.... Pirate Micah had a wonderful day turning 3.....Happy birthday my are loved.

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Dee said...

precious sweet boy....happy 3rd birthday MJ!!! xoxoxo