Friday, February 11, 2011


so, am not 'feelin' the need to blog and get real frustrated with myself for it, with my camera for having silly batteries that need changing ALL the time (rather than the cool rechargable ones that have just given up their will to live - or charge I should say)....I feel like there is so much I want /should/could say, but it has to have pretty pictures and without them, I get lazy and can't be bothered...sigh, perhaps things will improve soon?? I am keeping a grateful journal again this year and also writing down sweet moments I live rather than barraging through them (like so many lovely bloggers out there, I am trying to intentionally live/notice/ and breath moments of beauty that make up everyday life)....

....I am pooped (like all the time), and am enthusiatically bottling the abundance of apples and soon to be ready peaches - I've made plum jam, plum jelly, applesauce with cloves and honey, bottled apples, stewed and bottled apples, made courgette relish, marrow chutney, dug up about 60 square metres of potatoes, baked daily bread, laid out new gardens etc etc...summer is such a wonderful time for produce and harvest and I so don't want to miss any time that could be doing stuff towards that...but, I must confess a large sigh is escaping - shame on me I know!

....with the girls back in school, I can feel time winding up, like a large catapult of some kind, waiting to launch us into crazy-busy, and outside life busyness creeping sweet almost 5 year old has announced that he wants to go to school with his sister rather then be homeschooled for awhile - EEK!!! He turns 5 mid-march, so much to ponder on, and decisions to be made....if I can bear to part with him, I will still see him lots and lots as I work in the kids school when I relief teach....but really! When did he grow up enough to think about school!?!....Its silly to feel shocked, but truthfully I do.... must embrace ALL of life is the mantra for the moment....for we a blessed.

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