Friday, November 19, 2010

I'm back!

Hooray! My hardrive is fixed, dustfree (ahem!), up and running like a smooth running be honest, after heavy, serious withdrawals, we all go used to it not being here, and although I missed reading all your lovely blogs so much; I was amazed how much time I had to use differently...for shame on me!....anyho, since last here, so very much has happened....I turned another number, and was so spoled by my beautiful family, and sweet friends threw a birthday lunch for sweet baby girl turned 13!!! (EEK!)...we took her and 4 girlfriends camping in the bush, was involved in helping a criminal investigation, followed by a birthday bonanza with my sweet sisters and their families and parents, have driven endlessly to see Miss Daisy Brown, cleaned her, brushed her, poked her when shes stubborn for my girl, been to 2 calf club days, planted masses of potatoes and corn, have suported my family through Mr Man rupturing his achellis tendon YOUCH! bigtime! - and its ingoing as you can imagine), sewn 4 peg aprons, 3 pairs of shorts, 2 summer pjs for my girls, one crazy patchwork bathmat, 3 christmas type projects, a skirt, 2 pillowslip dresses, altered clothes, mended, crotcheted, knitted with jersey yarn that has to be made as a go, started sorting the house for a moving in 6 weeks, worked a wee bit, and very sadly and with a heavy heart buried Mr Man's lovely Nana....its been a bumpy ride my friends, a bumpy a few pictures to catch up with .... its good to be back....

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