Wednesday, November 24, 2010

HAppy birthday sweet Josaye! 13...

13 years have passed - what on earth! it has flown, and been a miraculous and amazing my sweet girl, that I am proud to hold your hand amaze us with your insight and compassion, your helpfulness and intuition, your inner strength and beauty....I love that you are so different from me in some ways and so the same in others....I love that I can rely on your care of your siblings, and that you try to put them first - I love that your plans for life include shooting for the stars....know this baby girl, we will protect as much as we can, delight with you in your achievements, cry with you in your sorrows (may they be few and far between); support and love you always. Happy birthday sweet lady-child.
She chose to take her friends camping for the night out in our local bush/streams...we had a blast! I learn't a few things to about 13 year old girls!! 5 in a tent!...they are all lovely girls and it was a treat to hang out together....our wee lads thoroughly enjoyed the attention! and also learnt about peeing - ie not into the wind, not on mum's foot, not near the BBQ etc...good times hehe!!
The the rest of the family joined us the next day, for a lovely BBQ that was a teeny bit posh...and a swim down at the bay.... I so hope she will remember this time.
ps, I know the above photo of her cracking up isn't the best posed photo...but to me its gorgeous - her sister is pinching her butt and she's just lost it, and is laughing crazy.... it makes me smile everytime I see it.


Dee said...

you have a teenager!!!!
and such a beautiful one too. you are inspirational parents. i love how intentional and honest you are.
she's a real gem Briar.

happy birthday Josaye, "lady-child" (<<love it!) xoxo

Anonymous said...

Love that photo of Josaye!!