Saturday, June 19, 2010

tea and crumpets

I decided on the spur of the moment to have a go at making crumpets this afternoon - SO easy! Why the heck haven't I been making them all the time!!!...we laid out a tablecloth on the floor, made a pot of peppermint tea and had tea and buttery crumpets on the kitchen floor...all together....a wonderful way to spend a cold afternoon!...(I have the reciepe if anyone wants it)...and look at that wee face covered in jam - lots of jammy kisses were needed to get that lot off!

On another note: my eldest girl and I have our very first public duet tomorrow - eeek....I so hope it goes well for her, as I'm sure it will be the first in a long career of performances for that kid - she really does rock.


Allana said...

sounds like you had a lovely winters day. I have often thought about making crumpets as the recipe does look easy, will have to give it a go now you have tested it :)

Dee said...

ooh, how'd you go??? can i find it on you tube?
(oh, and yes, interested in recipe please!)
love you xoxo

Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed you today, hope all went well!

BellaBree said...

hey Dee
it went pretty good (hows THAT english!)...playing and singing at the same time is tricky but that girl so sorted it!, and she stayed on the melody so I could play with some harmonies etc...super proud of her - the best bit: singing with that girl, in public and her beaming at me...SO cool, had to pinch myself real hard to stop the threatening tears...what a blessing, I've been waiting and hoping, and now the time is here - am SUPER thrilled. (and Ny is dead keen to do the next one - you watch , this next girl of mine has a voice that once tamed should be heard!-really sweet)...happy Mama.