Thursday, November 19, 2009

we're off....and a GIVEAWAY reminder too

Guess what?? We are off with a bunch of other families to the first camping trip of the season...pretty excited about that! and pretty frazzled too, as we leave in about 5 hours and I haven't done enough...and have packed too much!(and am on here instead of icing the cake I put too much flour in and now feels like a brick- a friend suggested that it would do for sinkers if the kids didn't like it!-HA).

I figure that the man really DOES like feeling frustrated with me, and ENJOYS finding places to stash my over abundant in a special way I really AM doing him a favour - ahem.

Righto so also am here to remind any lurkers out there to pop a comment on the last post - or this one, to be randomly selected for the giveaway/pay-it-forward chance...YAY for cool handmade stuff. I have indeed been making the odd pretty or 2 to spice up the packages I'm making- super fun!

cherrio cherubs off to ice a chocolate brick....x

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Francesca said...

Have a wonderful camping trip, I'm sure the cake turned out wonderful!