Monday, November 9, 2009


A few weeks ago, I was so very fortunate to be randomly picked by Janelle at Heartfelt, to recieve a pay-it-forward parcel; created by her (the talented lass!) from her home. Well guess what- it arrived and I love, love, love it! Check out the fabulusness!

A cool handmade teatowel in awesome retro farm print...a handcreated christmas kiwiana tiki, and some lovely postcards too!! I feel VERY spoilt!! Thank you so much Janelle! You are a talented, clever and inspiring gal, and I'm really thrilled to be on the recieving end of pay-it-forward!

But guess what (again!)?! Its my turn now- woohoo! ....if YOU would like to join in pay-it forward, leave a comment on this post and I will randomly select 5 wonderful people in 2 weeks time to join in!...tis jolly fun, and as wonderful as it is to recieve gorgeousness in the mail, it'll be just as wonderful to create something for YOU!

ps....if you are randomly picked (assuming there are more than 5 people who might sometimes read my crazy ramblings!), it will be your turn to recieve a wee parcel, and then bless 5 others with something you create (and beleive me simple is the key! - don't be put off by the 'create' bit) huh!

So thanks again Janelle - and all the best for the new heartfelt arrival anyday now xxxxxx


Dee said...

how very cool Briar :) see I would love to join in your little giveaway thingie but I know for sure there aren't 5 people who read my blahblahblah "blog"...haha

Oh, and I love your new header that from your garden?


briar said...

dee you my dear are too funny...I will read it 5 times! and then you can!...and yes the flower is one of the peach flowers- sweet aye....xx

Francesca said...

That's a fun print on that teatowel! Good luck with your giveaway!

Heart Felt said...

Not a problem Briar, so pleased you are happy with your parcel ~ thanks for your kind words. xx

hanna said...

lucky you :)
and ah don't count me in on the giveaway as then we would be going in circles! he he.

Da Setiuz Mama said...

I'm joining....put me down on your list baby!

Heart Felt said...

Ps Briar.....thank-you so much for your lovely was so thoughtful. No baby yet ~ officially overdue. xx

Anonymous said...

Your new heading photo is amazing! Looks like a post card xx