Friday, October 16, 2009

its birthday time!

October is a wee bit crazy in our is the man's birthday, my sweet niece's (x2), a dear friends, my own, my sister in laws, my brother in laws, my biggest girls and a few more friends and their children too, to round it off!!

So lots of handmaking of gifts happens, lots of baking, card marking, cake making and dinner planning, well wishing and hugging too....its an expensive, wonderful, fun filled month; which I will officially make the 'month of hugs'!

Here are a few snaps 'the man's' birthday and my well as some of the gifts the children have made inspired by Handmade Home (amanda soule's fab book)...which I will link to once I figure out the button thingy....xx


Heart Felt said...

How lovely! Happy birthday to everyone....xx

Dee said...

and doesn't The Man suit an apron... ;)
And I lovelovelove the little pictures drawn by sweet little hands :)

gardenmama said...

Happy Birthday!!
It looks like you all had fun : )

hanna said...

Happy Birthday to you all! That cake looks tasty - is it your special secret recipe?