Sunday, July 26, 2009

a few things made...

I thought I wasn't achieveing much on the making front, and feeling quite cranky about it....but when I was looking a photos for the last month or so I found these things I'd made to give away...not many things make it into the shop, , as most things just get given away...which is even nicer I think.
1. Apron for my lovely friend Tania, its in matress ticking and a darling quilting print.
2. Baby socks...for my lovely friend Tania's new baby, made from Alpaca wool from the South Island trip hubby had last year (and brought for me!).
3. A cushion I covered for my Dad...with the wee pocket, the idea being its a place for the kids to leave notes for him, and he treats for a beautiful apolstry linen and thrifted retro fabric.
Very satisfying looking backwards!
Enjoy your week lovely ones!


melissa said...

lovely items! such a nice idea to have a little 'treat' pocket in that cushion for your dad. :)

BellaBree said...

thanks Melissa...its so fun to make you latest flet brooches, so pretty!

Sally Anne said...

Oh, they are all sweet ...I especially love the pillow...I bet your Dad loves it too.

gardenmama said...

Such sweetness, what lucky friends you have! : )