Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Hey there everyone,
I'm a total novice at this blogging business...and am bound to totally goof up on it, tonnes!
But thought what a wonderful way to use some of the 'words' i seem to have and record all the delicious little things my lovely little family does, for remembering later on.

I live in a little town on the East coast of the beautiful 'land of the long white cloud' New Zealand...we live 10kms away from stunning beaches and love to tinker down there weekly at least.

I am blessed enough to have 4 beautiful kiddies, 2 gals and 2 wee lads (I like things in patterns!) 2 blue eyed and 2 brown...and have a gorgeous and very lovely husband, a dog, 2 cats, 2 fish and 2 water snails....oh and a fledgling vege garden, so life is full of sorting, cooking, caring, washing, watering and the like, with bits of time snatched to create various things for my neices and newphew and sometimes for my wee web life is FULL, and wonderful.

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Anonymous said...

Hey there miss B! Look forward to reading your blog and checking out your pics xoxox