Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Foxgloves and bubbleblowing

well today was a busy one...we packed the girls off to school and then cleaned up round here a bit...went for a wander round our wee section, and was delighted once again to see our lovely apricot foxgloves, they are just so pretty so thought I'd share a bit of sweetness with you....while baby was napping we went on a worm hunt and found one dilegently burrowing away, so we gave him a pat (um a little to rough Jose!) and popped him back to burrow some more....bubbles occupied the wee lad for a bit more of the more till 'oh no...I spilled myself', floated in from the deck, and sure enough short of blowing on him to make the bubbles, it was the end of that game....sigh. Such a nice mild day though and when Micah woke up we went for a wee wander down the road and then was time to explore the grasss and to see what daisy's taste like...a quite day, which was lovely, as tomorrow will be 'all hands on deck'....oh finished a bag that i was making today and will pop a pic up tomorrow or so....

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