Saturday, February 4, 2012

school's in....

check out these wee sweeties...first day back for all of them at once (have been going randomly individually for a couple days tho) exciting and really can't believe we have such giant girls now - seriously Saye is a smidge taller than me now!-rude!!
And so our 2012 schooling adventure begins - Josaye is in year 10, Nyah started college (sob sob) and is year 7, Jose is year 1, and wee Micah (who isn't so wee, more like a small brick wall) is at kindy.

When thinking of all the age combos for the future.. I worked out tht when Micah starts year 7, my other babies will be in year 9, poss 2nd year at uni, and poss in last year of uni - sheesh, thats quite a age stretch when you look at it like that!...although its lovely to know my house will be full of children and their friends for many years to come, always a bright side hey...AND if Mr Man and I should like to pop over to Fiji or the like (in about 6 years or so I'm sayin`)...we have in- built babysitters...hooray!

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