Monday, June 13, 2011

mssing in action

Hello blog, and blogworldI miss this space, I miss snapping wee pics and thinking about what I want my family to remember about our see we have been sucked into a vertix of busy life....I have taken on a new job, one that cateres for my littlest boy to come and be a part of as needed, a great opportunity to work in my teaching area; only 8 little ones! Did i mention my lad can come!?! A very exciting, daunting, fun and swirly time I can tell you....our days have been changed somewhat and I am stuggling to find a rhythm that includes time for all the 'usual' things, including blogging....but little by little, all things are finding a new niche as time allows and other priorities take over.

Between my husband and I, we have been nursing sick children, and dealing with the dissappointments for our 2nd daughter has had this week, over being sick and missing out on all her excting sport trips that were planned.

We got the news today that my beloved puss, rhyley, is too sick to carry on; and tomorrow will be his last with us. Our hearts are very heavy with this, as he has been my faithful friend for the past 9 years. I am thankful his illness has been swift and not painful. I will be back on here with more about my rhy-man....but for tonight I will go and hold him some more as we say our goodbyes, and whisper thankyous for heart-warming memories.

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