Thursday, December 23, 2010

December...what a joy

what a huge month December camera is full of wonderful celebratory photos still to be downloaded,....SO. MUCH. BAKING. has been done and enjoyed; kids prizegvings and shows, Sunday schools concert, Christmas presents made, brought wrapped and awaiting tomorrow...a momentous sweet neice entered our world and lives - welcome my dove, you will bring us all so much joy.... a wee nephew celebrated another year of life - much love to you special brother, his wife and babies have come home for the holidays...December is just SO BIG.
Christmas for us will be the smallest it has ever been...with just the 6 of us....I'm still trying to get me head around that, and determined it will be a fun-filled feasting special day....remembering Christ's birth and the reasons for it.
I confess to being rather sentimental today, a tad weepy and lots to do....
we are in the process of moving house (like on the 27th!), and I am still trying to do all the pickling and jaming that this time of year sewing machine has a small coat of dust on it and calls forlornly, but we will hang together next week....

I will be visiting all your lovely blogs, but taking a wee break from this one for a couple weeks.

May Christ's love wash over you, bring you joy, peace and happiness as we celebrate His birth.
much love

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